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Corbandie & Magdalena

By way of reply to Raphael, here’s three pieces. First, my version of his untitled piece addressed to ‘magdalena’. magdalena you may not know how to work the washing machine but you do know what’s what I for instance mean … Continue reading

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Bill Herbert’s Corbandie in Bernese Dialect

To translate from Scots into swiss german in an indian translation workshop seems rather random, still it was nice to find a similar rythm in my dialect; here is the result. CHRÄIE Lue die Chräie uf däm Draht zmitts im … Continue reading

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From Sampurna: I

I have been thinking about the word ‘Adishakti’. ‘Adi’ – the first, the primary, the original. ‘Shakti’ – a power, an energy, a manifestation (Durga). Thinking also how strange it was that the entire week I spent on the premises … Continue reading

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Interview avant la Adishakti

(Joenna Rebello sent the following questions before I left for Chennai to use in that article for Times of India’s Crest. Don’t know how much if any of it she used – I imagine very little -because I can’t access … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to Dubious Saints

We will be posting each writer’s record of the translation process (just as soon as everybody is aware of this fact). In the meantime, here are a few links: The official description is here with a summation from Wasafiri here … Continue reading

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