Press: Interviews in the Indian Express, Pune edition

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Shruti interviewed us in earnest, and with such diligence that it put me to shame for whoring myself to word-counts. In what could possibly have been the longest relay interview in the world, all eight of us were interviewed one by one by one. It started sometime on a pleasant Pune afternoon and stretched till seven o’clock. I was the last person in that long queue, so you know how relieved I feel, when I see the said article in print, at last. Anyway, sorry for such digression. Enjoy!


About Meena Kandasamy

Meena Kandasamy is a poet, writer, activist and translator.
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4 Responses to Press: Interviews in the Indian Express, Pune edition

  1. Bill Herbert says:

    Meena, were you going to post the Crest article? Tell me if you don’t have time, and I’ll pick that up.

  2. I was figuring out how to go about it in terms of formatting/editing since the paper was SO crumpled. I guess you should do the honours this time 🙂

  3. arjun says:

    help! there is an interview of Roseyln, a link to which i cannot seem to put up:

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