Bangla audio of Bill Herbert’s ‘Hieroglyphic’

Since the script got away, here’s the sound: Hieroglyphic

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3 Responses to Bangla audio of Bill Herbert’s ‘Hieroglyphic’

  1. Bill Herbert says:

    Did you post the Roman script version of this or Raphael’s poem anywhere, Sampurna? Can’t immediately find it, but it may be a comment…

  2. Sampurna Chattarji says:

    Bill, I posted the Roman version of ‘Hieroglyphic’ twice – once at the end of my first post ‘From Sampurna: I’ and then also in ‘From Sampurna: II’. In both however, there were these dreadful extra-line-spaces between one line and the next, which I could not find any way of avoiding. For ‘Shantiniketan’ I copied the text from the Almost Island page, instead of my word document, and that was formatted properly. As for Raphael’s Roman text, I didn’t post that again, as it was part of Meena’s post. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Sampurna Chattarji says:

    No, of course it doesn’t help, because I didn’t answer your query at all! In fact I misunderstood it completely. I have clearly lost it. I was thinking of the English text of your poem, not the Roman text of the Bangla translation! So now, to get it right, finally (I hope) – the Roman version of Rapahel’s poem, yes, I did post that alongside the Bangla text. The Roman version of ‘Hieroglyphic’ in Bangla I did not. I was thinking the audio would be a good substitute…

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