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Poetry Connections: DW’s Docu

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Zoe in Bangla

I had great fun translating this poem, as I did with all of Raphael’s work. The only thing was that Bangla does not have a ‘zed’ sound. So Zoe would technically become Joey! Hence I have left the name in … Continue reading

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Zoe’s Woodpeckers en Francais

And the final posting for now (werk is calling me in an insistent herky jerky tone), is Roselyne’s translation of Zoe’s ‘Woodpeckers’ poem. WOODPECKERS Zoe SKOULDING We should have stayed in the forest, watching woodpeckers. A knock on hollow wood … Continue reading

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Sampurna’s Cities

Almost everyone translated ‘Cities,’ so perhaps, once we have all the versions, we should amalgamate them into this single posting? (Pretty much what we did in performance, anyway.) CITIES Sampurna CHATTARJI So tell me. Is it hot? Does it rain? … Continue reading

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Zoe en Francais

Here’s Roselyne’s translation of Raphael’s Zoe (not, incidentally, the same as our Zoe, though this confusion was certainly explouited in performance). I’ll update this with the German original once I have time to dig it out. Forgive me if the … Continue reading

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Mulligatawny Dreams

I’ve just retweeted an announcement about Meena, so I might as well post it here as intro to Roselyne’s translation: ‘A couple of sharp poems by @meenakandasamy and an interview‘ This is a poem I’ve done a version … Continue reading

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February plus Rabbit plus Blue equals Start Again

Roselyne is just back from India and has sent me her translations. I’ll post them by author. (She also has even more even more magnificent photos over on Facebook – I’ll have to look into getting a widget to display … Continue reading

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