Poetry Connections: DW’s Docu

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5 Responses to Poetry Connections: DW’s Docu

  1. kulturweider says:

    “this poem is about the effects of drinking vodka”. what a wise thing to say…

  2. Bill Herbert says:

    Great film, DW: you made us look almost good/human/coherent! (Please select the most likely option.)

    I forget my own poems, but not that I write poetry? – clearly I’m not drinking enough.

  3. arjun says:

    i am still trying to remember what was ‘dirty dark’ – clearly i drank enough that night!

  4. Oh guys, stop complaining will you? at least you were not caught on camera in three of your most embarrassing moments: first, reading an angry tamil poem that contains a reference to plucking pubic hair; second, flirting with a fellow poet; and third, telling the world what I expect from English-speaking men.

    I’m yet to recover!

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