Zoe’s translations of Roselyne’s poems

At the workshop, I gave Zoe six poems, which were not part of the set of fourteen poems circulated among the group. These are distinctly different and I wanted to share Zoe’s translations of them here.


Place your cheek on the mountain

Listen to the cloud

Water will do for your hair


Your chin in the valley

don’t panic your house


Under reassembled shreds

you’ll sleep

at last



Space enters by your right ear

You have your eye and the paddle


The rainbow discovers its balance on the tip of your nose


Snatched breath

search for honey              or the centre of the strange pillar


clutch at lashes                 believe that you could still smooth the wind


Above all you’d like

to cross the expanding grey


In the ears like what can’t be said


To set off on the clouds or on the sea

without knowing anything

find routes

without self-betrayal


To have waves as children



Breathe in colour with open arms

Your dance is already preparing itself


A shell balanced on one hip

Clown red at your shoulder

Sky in your hair


The ground lifts

You’re ready

and you laugh


Between thunderstorms

in the hollow of the copper ocean that frees my feet

I shout



in the eternity folded between embers


without trembling and without looking to the distance


What is this world that speaks nothing but darkness


Black spring


Harm to space       a butterfly


What demented bird cries in the ground ?

To answers give questions



In silence the secret

presses on the eardrum

narrowed to a buzz

traced           braided        deep-rooted


It errs between the teeth

crunching around the ruins of words

digs itself in



In the dust

the unthinkable

the secret resists



The ink points

particles of the secret



She who knows

is buried

the weight in the walls of the head


On the sharp unbreathable ridge

stay roped down


The secret

-complex jump-

this shout


The shadow                        flat and neutral

always adhering to the real

urgent           murmurs


You want                 you doubt

What has fallen silent ?


Gather the corners of the table-cloth

Don’t stare


The smoke isn’t certain enough

The ground mislays what it doesn’t understand


Send your fingers into the water

It carries them towards the light







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1 Response to Zoe’s translations of Roselyne’s poems

  1. arjun says:

    am still rolling it around in my head. beautiful and excellent translations too.

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