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Zoë Skoulding’s poems in Bangla

Zoë’s poems only in PDF, as their format gets completely wrecked in the body of a regular post.  Zoe’s poems in Bangla

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Roselyne Sibille’s poems in Bangla

L’ECHO LIMPIDE D’UNE PLUME L’oiseau attend en suspens dans les souffles L’eau a emporté la face lente de la nuit unie à la lumière aux reflets verts à la voix de la rivière L’écho limpide d’une plume demeure et veille … Continue reading

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Raphael Urweider’s poems in Bangla

So the good thing about Akshay’s deadlines for the book was that I finally stirred from my slumber, stupor and scattiness and typed up all my handwritten translations. Here they are, after all the necessary tweaking, fine-tuning and filibustering. Raphael’s, … Continue reading

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May I?

And to the strains of Kevin Ayer’s louche (and now downright creepy) baritone classic, ‘May I?’, Les Loseurs lurch into May with even less news than usual… But wait, Alexandra Buchler and I have just been to Turkey for a … Continue reading

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