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Selected Joy

(The publication of Sampurna’s translations of Joy Goswami would seem an ideal time to revive this blog for World Losers. I like to think it could cover all the translation, travel and poetic activities of the original Adishakti Crew, augmented … Continue reading


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Englishes and Scotses

When I got my invitation to the translation workshop at Adishakti, an old desire surfaced in my brain. Last time I’d been in Kolkata, I’d met the poet Joy Goswami while being interviewed for Bangla magazine. At that time, I … Continue reading

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From Sampurna: II

I begin 1.1.11 by chatting about the word ‘hawk’ with Joy Goswami. শ্যেনপক্ষী (shyenpokkhi) is the word I’d used in the version I took with me to Adishakti. When reading it aloud at one of the events (Stella Maris, Chennai) … Continue reading

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From Sampurna: I

I have been thinking about the word ‘Adishakti’. ‘Adi’ – the first, the primary, the original. ‘Shakti’ – a power, an energy, a manifestation (Durga). Thinking also how strange it was that the entire week I spent on the premises … Continue reading

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