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The Gypsy Goddess: three reviews

Meena’s first novel is out and receiving excellent reviews. Here is a particularly thoughtful and informative piece by Sumana Mukherjee which discusses the style as well as the subject. Here’s the Tuppence review, and here, via the power of photography, … Continue reading


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The Loser’s Club Is A Real Place And We Didn’t Even Get There

Delighted to post this image retrieved from Istanbul by Nia Davies, which seems a fitting way of recording the almost complete moribundity into which we, the Collected Losers, Losels and Loseurs of Adishakti, have fallen. Though, to be fair, it … Continue reading

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Updatapam: where we are losing now

As the collapsing table of dubious poetic comestibles continues to rain rum upon the unwary in its second year of uncoordinated activities, I thought I’d just flash fry the News Fish with a series of unlikely and largely mendacious updates … Continue reading

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Translation into french : three poems of indian poets published in “Terre à ciel” (Sampurna Chattarji, Meena Kandasamy, Arjun Bali)

A quick update to make this link live (Bill): http://terreaciel.free.fr/Voixdumonde/indiens.htm

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Losers Reunited

Soon several if not all of the writers who gathered at Adishakti’s famous Losers’ Table to fling fruit at each other and draw menacing tattoos on their arms in biro will be reunited at a couple of readings. First up … Continue reading

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May I?

And to the strains of Kevin Ayer’s louche (and now downright creepy) baritone classic, ‘May I?’, Les Loseurs lurch into May with even less news than usual… But wait, Alexandra Buchler and I have just been to Turkey for a … Continue reading

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Collection Losers

Welcome to April, the loserest of months, in which, so far, we have signally failed to post owt. Surely something has happened in the great echoing void that is our lives – and yet… It is evidently the case that … Continue reading

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Meena into Scots

This poem by Meena was probably the one I wanted to ‘translate’ the most, the one which took longest, and the one which is most problematic. Problematic because the impulse and the root of Meena’s work is so strong that … Continue reading

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Arjun into Scots 1

Here’s the first of Arjun’s poems in English (apologies about losing the centre margin!) then in Scots. I loved the teasing relation between his shopping list of necessities and the short, oblique commentaries/asides/non sequiturs. This piece we performed as a … Continue reading

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Mulligatawny Dreams

I’ve just retweeted an announcement about Meena, so I might as well post it here as intro to Roselyne’s translation: ‘A couple of sharp poems by @meenakandasamy http://bit.ly/d8ONb3 and an interview http://bit.ly/dnLPQu‘ This is a poem I’ve done a version … Continue reading

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