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Meena into Scots

This poem by Meena was probably the one I wanted to ‘translate’ the most, the one which took longest, and the one which is most problematic. Problematic because the impulse and the root of Meena’s work is so strong that … Continue reading

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Arjun into Scots 1

Here’s the first of Arjun’s poems in English (apologies about losing the centre margin!) then in Scots. I loved the teasing relation between his shopping list of necessities and the short, oblique commentaries/asides/non sequiturs. This piece we performed as a … Continue reading


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Translation of Bill Herbert’s ‘Forgive the Flies’ into Tamil

Here’s Bill Herbert’s poem. Forgive the Flies We must forgive the flies because they are so young, their cortices so small, that they don’t understand what it is they crawl on. They greet everything like little deities: sugar and excrement … Continue reading

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Post-autumn : Poem by Raphael Urweider

I am sharing this poem because this is the LEAST expected of me. I have never translated a love poem most of my life, thinking that since the revolution was just around the corner, I had to translate urgent and … Continue reading

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The Times of India Interview

And like Bill Herbert, I too didn’t get to read the Times of India Crest Edition article on the translation workshop. So, here are my answers to Joeanna Rebello’s questions: Q: Translation in literature has always invited debate and scrutiny; … Continue reading

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