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Constantinople and its Double

‘Couldn’t we have,’ Richard asked, ‘a map of Istanbul with Byzantium as a layer on top?’ I imagined a booklet of transparent pages, each setting out a different period of the City’s history, with perhaps a detached opaque sheet, so … Continue reading


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Büyükada v. bustle

Greetings from Büyükada, the largest of the Prinkipoi, or Princes’ Islands, in the Sea of Marmara, where we sit nibbling Armenian biscuits in the white timber-fronted family home of our pal Pelin, while she translates the poems of Zöe. We … Continue reading

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Flying Economy to Byzantium

As we sit, puzzling over how our shoelaces get tied, I’m awaiting the departure of a snow-delayed flight to Heathrow. From thence (after what will now be a mad dash between terminals including retrieving my own luggage and checking in) … Continue reading

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The Loser’s Club Is A Real Place And We Didn’t Even Get There

Delighted to post this image retrieved from Istanbul by Nia Davies, which seems a fitting way of recording the almost complete moribundity into which we, the Collected Losers, Losels and Loseurs of Adishakti, have fallen. Though, to be fair, it … Continue reading

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Updatapam: where we are losing now

As the collapsing table of dubious poetic comestibles continues to rain rum upon the unwary in its second year of uncoordinated activities, I thought I’d just flash fry the News Fish with a series of unlikely and largely mendacious updates … Continue reading

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Losers Reunited

Soon several if not all of the writers who gathered at Adishakti’s famous Losers’ Table to fling fruit at each other and draw menacing tattoos on their arms in biro will be reunited at a couple of readings. First up … Continue reading

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Zoë Skoulding’s poems in Bangla

Zoë’s poems only in PDF, as their format gets completely wrecked in the body of a regular post.  Zoe’s poems in Bangla

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Zoe’s translations of Roselyne’s poems

At the workshop, I gave Zoe six poems, which were not part of the set of fourteen poems circulated among the group. These are distinctly different and I wanted to share Zoe’s translations of them here. ____ Place your cheek … Continue reading

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Zoe’s Woodpeckers en Francais

And the final posting for now (werk is calling me in an insistent herky jerky tone), is Roselyne’s translation of Zoe’s ‘Woodpeckers’ poem. WOODPECKERS Zoe SKOULDING We should have stayed in the forest, watching woodpeckers. A knock on hollow wood … Continue reading

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From Sampurna: I

I have been thinking about the word ‘Adishakti’. ‘Adi’ – the first, the primary, the original. ‘Shakti’ – a power, an energy, a manifestation (Durga). Thinking also how strange it was that the entire week I spent on the premises … Continue reading

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